Thinking About Traveling Solo? Here are some tips.

Thinking About Traveling Solo? Here are some tips.
Traveling can be a great and sometimes not so great experience no matter how you choose to travel and safety should always come first. We are all looking for the great and sometimes you just need a break from the world. When heading to a new travel destination and you’re flying solo, here are some tips to keep in mind.
  • Try to book a flight that doesn’t arrive late at night
  • Always book your hotel/hostel in advance and stick with it. Sometimes locals and taxi drivers may try to persuade you otherwise and a lot of times, it’s not like what you had booked!
  • When you’re choosing a taxi from the airport, try to use airport taxis; more expensive but worth your safety. Your hotel can also reccommend the best taxi services, or see if they offer shuttle service.
  • Before travel, learn which areas are best avoided. Read through guide books, search the net and talk to other people who have gone there, they usually know best :)
  • If there are touristy areas that you want to visit and it is fairly remote, it’s best not to go alone. Take a guide or travel in a group.
  • If traveling to a country where you don’t know the language, try to learn some of the basics before going because if English isn’t common there, you won’t feel totally helpless
  • Another thing to keep in mind if your language isn’t common , is when you are walking at night and you see other people, try not to speak english within hearing distance . As sad as it is, you are vulnerable being a foreigner (this also depends on where you are traveling and the areas that you are in, again, research this very well before leaving home).
  • Leave your valuables in your room safe, and it’s always good to keep receipts and a record of anything that you have, just in case.
  • If you’re planning to go into crowded areas, be sure not to wear expensive jewellry or anything that draws attention to you
  • Whenever you go to put your bags down, whether it’s in a cafe, restaurant or you just want to take a picture, putting your foot through the strap makes it pretty hard to grab and also makes it impossible for you to forget!
These are just a few tips to help you on your way. Remember the safest thing you can do for yourself is arm yourself with knowledge and just some plain old common sense! These are a few fantastic solo travel books! You deserve to spoil yourself with some brand spanking new luggage for your solo journey! - Save up to 80% & Free Shipping Happy travels!

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